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I have been looking everywhere trying to find some place that will approve an unsecured loan. I am looking to find a loan for approx. 3,000 dollars to be paid back in full in 18 months. My credit is very poor but I have been at the same job now for a year and I am paid salary. The payments would not be a problem. This is for debt consolidation because I cannot contiune to make all these payments each month. Instead I would use the 3,000 to pay off the debts in full and then make one smaller monthly payment. I don’t want to get scammed by any of these on-line loan places either. I have tried banks in my area and my credit score is too low for an unsecured loan. Does anyone have any advice to point me in the right direction at least?

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  • latebreakfast says:

    Finding a loan company that will loan you money when you have a poor credit history of repayment is going to be very difficult. This kind of question also invites the yahoo answer spammers to offer you “help”. Do not give anyone your SSN.

    Can you get a family member to cosign for you a loan? That’s the only real way you’ll be able to get the loan if you can’t get the loan through conventional means.
    Good luck.

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