PostHeaderIcon Is a debt consolidation loan possible with OUT home equity?

My ex has the house. The only collaterol I have is some IRA’s that have double the value as my debt.

What alternatives are out there? What do you suggest?
I have great credit, pay on time, not behind. I am wanting to get a home within a year, but will not be able with such a large debt. This monkey on my back is stifiling.

Thank you ahead of time for your suggestions!
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  • Ian D says:

    If you truly do have great credit (a FICO score over 700), the easiest and best thing to do is find the lowest interest credit card you can apply for (read the fine print to make sure there is no rate bump after a certain period of time) and roll your debt into it and pay it off as quckly as possible. Make sure and cut up all your other credit cards and close open lines of credit. Note: Leave 2 credit card accounts of lines of credit open, just don’t use them. Closing all accounts will negativley effect your credit score.

  • ed m says:

    downsize is the only answer == get rid of everything you can not live with for a year — big difference between want and need– you do that for 12 months and you should be asking where is a good place to apply for a home loan!!!

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