PostHeaderIcon reputable names of debt consolidation companies close to Baldwin NY?

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  • nomo says:

    If they are not a member of NFCC they will take whatever money they can get and leave you in deeper debt.

  • kat says:

    Most debt consolidation companies are NOT reputable. They charge you for things you can do better yourself and get you deeper and deeper in debt… They prey on the poor and desperate.

  • CatDad says:

    Stay away from any “debt consolidation” company that promises to cut your debt in half through debt settlement….This is a risky tactic of deliberately ceasing all payments to creditors and forcing your accounts into default to attempt settlements. You pay a monthly fee to a debt consolidator….this entire fee goes towards building a settlement account and to the consolidator’s fees to “settle” your accounts in the future. Your credit card companies will deliberately not be paid so that all the accounts will default/charge-off so that they can attempt settlements at around 50%. If you are current on your accounts, this process will ruin your credit rating for sure. Debt settlement is like a roll off the dice with your finances…You can never predict how your creditors will respond to the deliberate defaulting of your accounts…they might settle at 50%…or they might serve you a summons, take you to court…and if they win, you could be looking at wage garnishment.

    None of these “debt consolidation” firms have the power to force your creditors to accept settlements. Your creditors have the right to refuse these terms and take you to court.

  • Anthony says:

    I work in a debt settlement company in Massapequa, ny. Not too far from Baldwin. We settle for 55 cents on the dollar, and can get you completely debt free in 12-36 months, and If you want, you can come down to the office, and see! Check out our site, and email me

  • Rockey says:

    You can take in order following company..Just visit the site.

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