PostHeaderIcon Credit Card / Debt Consolidation Loans?

Could this help me? I owe about 12k on my cards right now…

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  • Dan S says:

    depends on where you are getting it. if you can buckle down and pay them you will be better off unless you have high interest and can get a lower rate. the reason it is better it is so your credit will survive.

    I would pick the highest interest rate and pay the minimums on the others until that is paid off and then move on to the next one. Always may on time and at least the minimum to survive bad marks

  • Rick B says:

    Well, how has borrowing worked out for you so far?

    You just need to work Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball. Pay all your minimums. Put ALL your extra money toward your lowest balance card or debt. Once you pay that off, roll over the money you were paying to that into the next highest dollar value debt. You will be amased how fast you get rolling.

    If your lowest card minimum is $25 and you pay that plus an extra $100, you should pay it off before you know it. Then, you pay the minimum on your next debt (let’s say it is $45) PLUS you pay an extra $125 toward it since your lowest on eis paid off. Etc.

    DON’T charge ANYTHING else in the meantime. Cut back all the costs you can. Get a second job if you want and you can do it even faster!

    Note that LOGICALLY you should pay the highest interest rate loan first. But, you will get faster results and be more likely to stick with it if you base your payments on the balance.

  • SexyTrojan says:

    Before you scoff, read my entire answer.

    Sign up for a credit card with 0% interest on balance transfers for 12-14 months. Chase and Fidelity offer them.

    Move the entire $12K to the new credit card. You will pay a one time 3% transaction fee, but it’s worth it.

    Pay off your entire balance within the time allowed. That will make your payments $1088 a month.

    If that is too much for your budget, pay what you can each month (at least the minimum), and then repeat the process.

  • Jilly says:

    See what terms you can get from consolidation companies.

    is a decent site that lists a few. Or if you have a house or a co-signer, a bank is the best bet.

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