PostHeaderIcon Does a debt consolidation loan have a negative impact on credit?

I can’t imagine it looks worse than actually having the 10,000.00 in Credit card debt…

4 Responses to “Does a debt consolidation loan have a negative impact on credit?”

  • elclinch says:

    it has a positive inpact if you pay it, not so much if you don’t

  • JustDoIt says:

    No, as long as you keep making regular payments on the loan. And yeah, remember not to start using those freed up credit cards until this loan is cleared.

  • Bentall H says:

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  • Dexter Labs says:

    Several Americans look to consolidate credit card debt on a daily basis. Consumers are fed up with making pointless minimum payments none of which is applied toward the actual Principal balance.
    One must work and dare if one really wants to live

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