PostHeaderIcon What debt settlement companies are trustworthy and have the best rating?

I have credit card debt and am looking for a debt consolidation company that I could do business with. I’m looking for the best rated company. Having an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau would be a plus. Thanks.

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  • Pat says:

    Don’t trust any of them.
    Get one loan from a bank, or transfer them all onto one credit card.

  • Mindy S says:

    Check with your state’s attorney general, they often have companies they recommend. This started because to file bankruptcy you have to get a certificate from a reputable credit counseling agency. Also here is link to check for the justice department to check your states agencies.

  • Veo says:

    The advantage of having a debt settlement company do the legwork is that you need not worry about the harrowing experience of dealing with creditors calling in for payments due. On the other hand, zeroing in on a debt settlement company requires good research and authenticity checks.

    For example, deal only with the debt settlement companies that sketch out and provide a detailed contract to you before making payments to them. Remember that you furnish all your personal and financial details to these debt settlement companies, so you need to ensure that your privacy is well-guarded. There are possibilities that your information might get embroiled in scams thanks to careless policies of these debt settlement companies.

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