PostHeaderIcon I am searching for a debt consolidation loan but have a score of 505. is there any help besides debt settle.?

I am not interested in debt settlement companies. Is there any help out there for me ?
Perhaps I should be a little clearer regarding what it is I need. I am not interested in debt settlement companies or fraudulent lenders whose only means of contact is an email address. I am aware that with my low score I cannott qualify for a loan so I do not wish to receive answers from people who are soliciting “victims” for their fraudulent loan scams.

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  • bdancer222 says:

    Have you checked into a NFCC credit counselor: These are legit, non-profit companies that offer debt management programs for a nominal fee. They negotiate lower interest and payments so you can pay off your debt.

    While in the program, it is noted on your credit report. However, upon completion that notation is removed and you will have decent credit.

    Absolutely stay away from debt settlement companies. They will completely trash your credit and most credit card companies won’t deal with them. They just immediately sue you.

    Your chances of getting a non-secured loan big enough to pay off all your bills with you low score, is very low.

  • Jeff T says:

    You’re in debt, and you have a low credit score because you haven’t repaid some of it.

    The ONLY kind of loans you’ll get right now are from scammers and fraudsters.

    Besides, getting a debt consolidation loan only transfers the debt from one lender to another. It doesn’t help you reduce your total debt.

    Pick up a book: “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey.
    And no, I’m not trying to sell it, you can go to Barnes & Noble, and read it in the store. You’ll be surprised.

  • Pengy says:

    After reading your question and additional details will make it clear and simple for you. there are NONE

  • ImpulseGuitar says:

    Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot of options. Best to try to work more and make more money to get that debt paid off.

  • Johnny says:

    I will recommend Their one on one counseling program is great! It was a great relief to deal with a credit counseling company that earned my trust from the get-go, which is not an easy feat. I highly recommend them!

  • Hector says:

    Here you go, good luck

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