PostHeaderIcon Who is a good Debt Consolidation company?

I need to get all of my debt consolidated into one sum. I have been told that alot of companies are not really free and I dont know who to go to. any ideas?

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  • 7S282 says:

    I personally used Incharge and found that they were very pleasent to deal with. I had over $30,000 in debt and had it paid off in under 5 years, it was the best decision I ever made. How they worked with me is just called the credit card companies and lowered my interest rates to on average 8% from the 20+% they were at. They charged me a $50 service fee a month + your bill of paying off your credit cards. Anytime that I called them with a question I got right through and they were very nice and pleasent to talk to. As far as your credit reports etc it will reflect on them “Under debt management” my credit score actually went up 125 points in 2 years from being on their program. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

  • RYAN P says:

    make use of the SE like google or yahoo to get some ideas first if you want to get the massive information,however if you do not want to spend so much time,here is a direct and good resource for your questions.

  • fisherjay18 says:

    I have looked into a lot of company’s before i found the one I chose
    I went with Whitelight Financial
    They primary deal in debt reduction based on financial hardship
    I’m not sure if that’s what your looking for but i did my research they are with USOBA and have a great rating with the BBB and (no complaints filed) They were a great help to me hopefully for you to

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