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PostHeaderIcon How can I get a debt consolidation loan when I am buying my house on a Land Contract?

PostHeaderIcon How can I get a debt consolidation loan with bad credit?

I am willing to make the payments via bank draft

PostHeaderIcon any suggestions on a debt consolidation company?

I am looking for a debt consolidation company that isn’t out for money like the credit companies. I have paid off over half of my cards and lack another four, one of which has doubled my interest due to a “long term balance” When I explained I needed the inerest lowered again, since I have been trying my best to pay it off, and now they raise the interest, it will take me twice as long to pay off! I need help! I want to pay off my debt, but the 26% interest is what is killing me. They said they won’t lower the interest, until I pay half of it off. But how can I do that with the interest the way it is!

Any one who may have had some good experience with a debt consolidation company, could you please refer me??
Thank you.

PostHeaderIcon How can I get information on michigan debt consolidation loan?

PostHeaderIcon How to get a Bill/Debt Consolidation Loan? ?

If you are getting a consolidation loan to combine all of your bills, how do you get approved for one, if your credit looks over extended. I am so many personal loans they are killing me in interest. All are payed on time and as agreed but I still can’t get approved to consolidate. How can I get approved?

PostHeaderIcon Who is a good Debt Consolidation company?

I need to get all of my debt consolidated into one sum. I have been told that alot of companies are not really free and I dont know who to go to. any ideas?

PostHeaderIcon I am searching for a debt consolidation loan but have a score of 505. is there any help besides debt settle.?

I am not interested in debt settlement companies. Is there any help out there for me ?
Perhaps I should be a little clearer regarding what it is I need. I am not interested in debt settlement companies or fraudulent lenders whose only means of contact is an email address. I am aware that with my low score I cannott qualify for a loan so I do not wish to receive answers from people who are soliciting “victims” for their fraudulent loan scams.

PostHeaderIcon Need advice on a good debt consolidation company that can help me!?

Hello, Im in much credit card debt, around $40,000, and was wondering if someone knows of a good reputable debt consolidation company that can help me, Thanks.

PostHeaderIcon does a debt consolidation loan effect your credit?

I have heard that this is not a good thing, or that lenders do not like to see this. I am sure it does not impact my score though. Someone please set the record straight.

PostHeaderIcon What is the best debt consolidation for people with bad credit?

I would just like to know of some good debt consolidation companies that people have used that are friendly to people with fair credit and that are simple to recieve help from.

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